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Red Riding Hood, winner of the fancy dress class,
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All Breeds on show

The SPCA Bay of Islands Mutley Dog Show held on the Domain at the weekend featured 101 entries vying in eighteen classes. The event raised more than $1,000 for SPCA.  Judges on the day were Bay of Islands Vet services veterinarian Maren Bartel and Dale Simpkin from the Professionals Real Estate in Kerikeri. The Bay Chronicle Oct '04

Teen arrested after attack on dog


A young dog has had one of his legs broken in a violent attack in the Hokianga.

Bay of Islands SPCA spokeswoman Gail Boyd said a 17-year-old set upon 10-month-old Bronx, savagely kicking it before picking it up, throwing it over his shoulder, trying to strangle it and hurling it back on the ground.

The dog's left hind leg was broken and it suffered bruising, swelling and cuts to the lower abdomen and head.

A teenager was arrested yesterday and charged with wilfully ill-treating an animal. The dog, a mastiff cross weighing about 30kg, had wandered down to the nearby school just before lunchtime. Three of the schoolchildren, all 10 years old, were walking it back to its home on a lead when they crossed paths with the teenager.

"If it had been a small dog he could have killed it easily," Ms Boyd said.

"It takes a lot of force to break a femur. It's a big bone, it's not like a little toe. It would have taken extreme force to break that leg."

The dog's owner, who did not want to be named, found Bronx lying in a drain after she was told of the attack by the school principal.

"The boys had seen him grovelling into the drain and thought he was going to die so ran back to the school. When I found him you could tell his leg was broken, his hip was like a rugby ball. He kind of half-pie lifted his head and looked at me.

'His whole face was sagging, it was like his skin was hanging off his bones, like a bloodhound and I could see blood around his lower stomach and his feet were grazed."

Rawene police senior constable Jeff Cramp said the teenager offered no excuse for his attack other than that the dog had intimidated him in some way the week before.

"We have enough troubles with dogs attacking humans but this dog was minding its own business and did not deserve that treatment. The three young lads were just walking him home, and happened to go past the 17-year-old. It scared the living daylights out of the boys."

The Bay of Islands SPCA offered to help pay the $700 vet's bill because the alternative was to have the dog put down.

The owner had bought the dog as an eight-week-old puppy to console her 3-year-old son after his big brother started school. She said Bronx was "a big softie".

"Most dogs around here are working dogs and Bronx gets caught inside lying on the carpet or in front of the heater. He's the kind of dog who puts up with my children pushing his lips and eyelids up. He's just a beautiful, smiley dog and totally non-aggressive."

He was usually chained up when she was not with him but said he snuck off when she went inside for a moment.

Ms Boyd said the apparently irrational violence from a teenager was worrying.

"We've had horrendous things happen some years ago with animals set on fire and things and those people are now hardened criminals. It's a known fact that if they are doing that sort of thing as children, they go on to be the violent people of tomorrow."

The SPCA has also charged a Kaitaia man with ill-treatment and failing to cater for the physical and behavioural needs of his 14 cattle after inspectors found 10 cattle and four calves left in a field with no water or feed for 17 days. NZ Herald

'Punished' dog prompts flood of offers of help

05.04.2004 A dog dragged behind a car has become an unwitting mascot and fundraiser for a Northland SPCA.

Tipa, a young German Shepherd Huntaway cross, prompted a national outcry from animal lovers after he was dragged behind a vehicle at speeds of up to 80km/h in early February.

It was an apparently violent form of punishment for the dog running away from his home at Rawhiti, 34km northeast of Russell.

Tipa received extensive injuries and could not stay on his feet after the punishment.

However, since he was taken to the SPCA he has made a steady recovery and has prompted a flow of gifts and cash to the Bay SPCA.

The cash is going towards Tipa's operations but some of the gifts -- with the donors' approval -- are being given to his Bay SPCA mates.

As well, an Auckland pet lover had established a Bay Of Islands SPCA Prosecution Trust Fund at Westpac bank for people wanting to help the SPCA with general prosecution costs for animal cruelty, SPCA spokeswoman Gail Boyd said.

Tipa had become a public face for the SPCA and the donations prompted by his accident were also benefiting other animals.

"There is a lot of other animals that have suffered that don't make it to the front page," Mrs Boyd said.

The SPCA had dealt with animals which included a dog with a rope embedded in its neck, and another dog which nearly starved to death.

The SPCA are also celebrating approval to find a new home for Tipa.

An application was granted in Kaikohe District Court last Friday.

Tipa's formal release to the SPCA now means they are able to look at the list of around 25 offers of a new home.

Offers to take the young dog came from all over New Zealand and as far south as Dunedin, Mrs Boyd said.

He had specific needs -- such as not being tied up for long periods -- which would be taken into account in rehoming him, Mrs Boyd said.

"Tipa has made a remarkable recovery, with minimal scarring," she said.

He will undergo surgery on Thursday to remove part of his hind paw where tendons and bone were exposed during his ordeal.

Ms Boyd said well-wishers had also sent many toys, treats, chews, chocolates, collar, lead, get well cards, which will be shared with other unwanted dogs in SPCA care.

Tipa's owner has yet to be located and the SPCA will consider on April 16 whether or not to seek a warrant for the man's arrest.



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