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Bay of Islands Farmers' Market

Gate to Plate Every Sunday 9am till noon
Books & More carpark off Hobson Ave, Kerikeri
Contact Peter Jessop 407 8281 or Lloyd at

Left: Soaking up the atmosphere at the Kerikeri Farmers' Market, gathering point for people wanting to buy locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables and other specialty foods. May 2005

MARKET REPORT for Sunday 11th September 2005

MARKET EXPANSION: Yep, we've had a market surge and outgrown our space. So this weekend we're making the big leap to the other side of the carpark. We're also moving our coffee stall and some food stalls to the centre, under the trees, where we'll be providing a few tables and chairs for people to sit and soak up the market atmosphere.

RISE AND SHINE: We're back to those early starts at the market now spring is here - the market will operate from 8.30 -12.30 every Sunday - so come and chat to our keen, smiling stallholders, who we can assure you will be out of bed well before you. Don't forget you can enjoy breakfast at the market and a really good coffee… plus the Alchymia pizza people will be back this week - promise.

THE BIG BIRTHDAY: Sunday October 2 is our first birthday. We will have specially-made carrot cakes and pumpkin pies to share as our way of saying thanks to you for shopping the market, as well as shopper prizes, best-stall competitions, birthday specials and more. The band, the Puha Bandidos, are back for the morning too.

FRESH NEWS: Farmers' markets are all about showcasing regional food – and something that grows well in the north is avocados. Those clever folk at the Kai Blue stall at the farmers' market have added value to their avocados by making guacamole. It comes in three flavours: olive, tamarillo and chilli and lime and they're all delicious.

BASKET CASE: We're asking shoppers to bring a basket or reusable bags to the market from now on please so we can cut back on plastic bags we generate from the market. We sell our 'Gate to Plate' hessian bags at Lloyd Case Gilbert's olive oil stand for $10 if you need one, or we noted at Australian markets that many shoppers take the reusable green supermarket bags with them. We will soon have wheelbarrows on site too for really keen market shoppers to take heavy loads to their cars.

Thanks for supporting the market, where you can enjoy good food, good wine and good people!

Bay of Islands Farmers' Market, OBE! (Outstanding Business Enterprise, Tall Poppy Awards, Kerikeri District Business Assocation 2005)

Books & More carpark, Hobson Ave, Kerkeri

Let us entertain you...
… while you wander through the Bay of Islands Farmers' Market this Sunday morning, nine till noon, listening to our buskers.
Each week just gets better with the selection of hot food to enjoy as you zigzag from stall to stall. This week we'll have pizzas cooking on site in a wood-fired oven, as well as those delicious gourmet sausages and delectable kebabs to munch on, plus the huge array of take-home treats.

Or simply enjoy a glass of freshly squeezed orange or mandarin juice, or a cup of freshly brewed Tiger Mountain coffee while you do your weekly shop for quality fresh produce, all from the North.

We're so lucky up here, getting fruit and veg so early each season. While the rest of the country has to wait until August for the new season's avocados, we've had them at the market for four weeks already - oily, firm and super delicious!

Plus there's the full range of fruit to fight off winter lurgs, picked fresh just for the market, as well as those winter comfort veg that are perfect for a pot of soup.

Books & More carpark, Hobson Ave, Kerikeri Only three months until our first birthday... And the party plans are well under way!! Lyn Barnes July 2005

Kerikeri alive on Sundays
The Bay of Islands Farmers' Market is creating a weekend buzz in Kerikeri, drawing hundreds of people to town each Sunday morning and attracting national attention.
Some cafes and a few retail businesses are taking advantage of the new flow of people but there may not be a stampede of retailers opening up their shops. Kerikeri District Business Association president Trixie Newton says they will have to calculate whether it is financially worth their while to do so and owner operators will be asking themselves how many days a week they wish to work. 
The Farmers' Market is currently featured in three magazines - Unlimited, a business magazine, NZ Life & Leisure, New Zealand's newest lifestyle title and Grower, a magazine produced by the Vegetable Growers' Federation. An eight-page feature will appear in On Holiday magazine later in the year, encouraging people to visit the town and farmers' market as a tourist destination.
Bay of Islands Food Group chairperson Lyn Barnes says it is now critical that the market builds on what it's achieved and remains authentic:
"This means only locally (Northland) grown food, produce and value-added goods can be sold at the market; stallholders must sell only their own produce - there is no retailing; and only the grower or producer or an appropriate representative can sell from behind their stalls."
The group runs the market and Lyn is also involved in setting up a national association and a network of farmers' markets throughout the country.
She says in less than five years the number of commercial growers has dropped from 7000 to 2000 and farmers' markets are crucial to the survival of small growers throughout the country.
A national association of farmers' markets will be launched in Hawke's Bay on June 20. Lyn  will also attend an Australian Association of Farmers' Markets Conference, to be held in New South Wales in August.
Australian Association of Farmers' Maets chairperson Jane Adams will be a guest speaker in Kerikeri on June 21 at a seminar entitled Grow Up Northland.
The Bay of Islands Farmers' Market will be extended this week for Matariki.
Held in the Books and More carpark, it will be open from 9am until 2ish as a celebration of Maori New Year and the autumn harvest.
Many stalls will be selling indigenous food and music will be provided by the Puha Bandidos.
Spot prizes will also feature.
During June, July and August the market will not start until 9am and will finish at noon on Sundays – rain or shine.  The Bay Chronicle May 2005

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